Do you have a picky eater?

Do you want to transition your family to a more whole foods lifestyle? 

Do you want to reduce your children’s sugar and processed food consumption?

Do you want to add more fruits and veggies into your children’s diet?

Do you want practical tools in your toolbox when you come up against a roadblock?

After completing Raising Healthy Eaters with Misa, a 3-week self-guided course, you will gain a variety of tools in your toolbox to help end meal frustration and slowly increase your children’s veggie consumption. Your children will learn to appreciate real food and create healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

“I really enjoyed this program and learned so much. The recipes you provided were simple, easy to make, and easy to find ingredients for. Our favorite recipe was the pumpkin muffins. I appreciated you being allergy conscious too. I found your brand recommendations beneficial for me as I get overwhelmed with making the right choices. 

I was able to get creative about snack options and felt really inspired to put them in muffin tins and my kids were really excited. I also have been more intentional about putting dishes on the table for my oldest to serve herself.  I thought your course was fantastic. It provided simple and attainable food options, was creative, and covered so many facets of shopping and creating meals/snacks. Thank you!”