Misa’s Top 14 Favorite Clean Packaged Foods

Do you find going to the grocery store overwhelming? Is it stressful trying to read through every ingredient label while your little one is tugging at your leg or grabbing everything within reach? My girls are older now but I do have vivid memories of trying to navigate the grocery store, wanting to choose healthy, clean packaged foods for my family, but not having the patience or time to read through each ingredient AND try to figure out what each ingredient was.

My hope is this list of clean packaged foods will make going to the grocery store a little easier and a little less overwhelming. All the products I have listed below are made with simple, recognizable ingredients, are gluten free AND delicious! Please note, I find many of these products at a discount at Thrive Market, an online health food store. I provided the Amazon link so you can check out the ingredients and shop easily but you maybe able to find better prices else where. Happy shopping!


Jovial Pasta is made with two simple ingredients including organic brown rice flour and water. The pasta tastes delicious and the texture is spot on. We enjoy them with pesto, a cheese sauce or Veggie Packed Meatballs.

Tolerant Pasta has one simple ingredient: either lentil or chickpea flour. They come in several different fun shapes for kids including galaxy and safari shapes which makes eating dinner so much for fun. And I love that they have 14 grams of plant protein, great if you are looking for more ways to get protein into your kids’ bellies.


Simple Mills Crackers are by far my family’s favorite crackers for their taste and ingredients. We love the Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers and the Farmhouse Cheese Crackers which I think are a healthier version of Chez-its. The seed chips are delicious as well. Lots of different options for everyone’s different tastes.

Mary’s Gone Crackers are another gluten free option made with flaxseeds and sesame seeds, adding 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. They do make a variety of different crackers, some with a small amount of sugar, so if you are looking to avoid sugar in your crackers, make sure to read the ingredients. I like the original ones the best.


Purely Elizabeth granola is made with a blend of superfoods, baked in raw virgin coconut oil and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. Our favorite way to enjoy this granola is with plain goat yogurt and frozen, wild, organic blueberries, perfect for an easy breakfast or an after school snack. If you need/choose to avoid grains they have grain-free options. We love the Coconut Cashew.

One Degree Quinoa Cacao granola makes for an amazing dessert! I recommend pouring it into a bowl in order to avoid eating the whole bag in one sitting. I love that the granola is made with sprouted oats and are certified gluten free making them easier to digest and allergy friendly. One Degree tests for Glyphosate which is a huge win in my book. I always love voting with my dollars and supporting companies who are doing the right thing and One Degree is definitely one at the top of my list.

Meat sticks

Epic Bites make a great protein packed, easy, on the go snack. I love that there is 7 grams of protein per serving, great to help sustain kids to the next meal. Our favorite flavor are the Sesame Ginger chicken bites made with hormone free chicken, organic currants, and simple spices.

Chomps beef sticks are made from grass fed, grass finished meat, Certified Humane, gluten free, and taste delicious. Half my family likes the beef sticks while the other half likes the turkey sticks. They come a variety of different flavors, all made with high quality ingredients.

The New Primal Snack Mates are the perfect size for little ones, about half the size of traditional meat sticks. We love the Chicken and Maple as well as the turkey. Made from a clean protein and high quality ingredients.


Siete chips are made with avocado oil, cassava flour, and coconut flour. Free of many allergenic foods including soy, gluten, dairy, and grain. They come in many different kinds but we like the simple sea salt ones the best. We love to eat them with hummus, guacamole, or salsa. I definitely like to have a bag on hand at all times.

Cassava and Coconut Tortilla Chips from Trader Joes are also made with avocado oil, a healthy alternative to highly processed industrial seed oils (soy, canola, corn, soy, sunflower, safflower oil).


Simple Mills Cookies are sooo good! I love them for their clean ingredients and delicious taste. The cookies are made with simple, recognizable ingredients including: Nut Flour Blend (almonds, pecans, coconuts), Tapioca Starch, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Arrowroot, Vanilla Extract, Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Cream of Tartar, Rosemary Extract (for freshness). Our favorite kind are the chocolate chip cookies but we have made sure to sample them all and they are all tasty!

Condiments and Dressings

Primal Kitchen Dressings and mayonnaise are both made with avocado oil and free of sugar and inflammatory seed oils. Primal Kitchen has a wide variety of dressings but my girls’ favorite is Ranch which we enjoy eating on top of a salad or as a dip with raw veggies. We use the mayo regularly for either a turkey/cheese sandwich, salmon salad, or a homemade dill dip.

If you are looking for more guidance when it comes to reading ingredients and finding clean packaged products, feel free to reach out! I provide virtual pantry makeovers, as well as in person pantry makeovers to local families in and around the Stratham, NH area. I love to help clean out your pantry and provide you with simple, clean swaps when needed. Wishing you well on your health journey!

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