Back to School Breakfast Ideas

It is hard to believe school is starting soon or may have already started for some! Where did the summer go?! As we are getting back into the swing of things it is important to start our children’s day off with a well-balanced breakfast.

A good breakfast should include 3 key components: protein, healthy fat, and fiber! A healthy breakfast is essential as It supports balanced blood sugar, a strong immune system, and healthy development! 

What is blood sugar and why is it important?

Blood sugar is another name for glucose, the main sugar found in our blood. It comes from the food we eat and is our body’s main source of energy. When we have too much glucose in our blood, we get a spike of energy. Consequently, we quickly crash. Think too much cake at birthday parties! The result of this spike and crash leaves us hungry, irritable, moody, plus we may have difficulty concentrating. Having a well-balanced meal causes glucose to be absorbed more slowly into our blood. Slower absorption means steadier levels of energy over time.

Why is fiber a key component of a balanced breakfast?

You can find fiber in foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Fiber is important for many reasons.
• Fiber is filling.
• The bloodstream absorbs fiber gradually therefore preventing blood sugar highs and lows that can affect children’s behavior and moods. 
• Fiber is also a key component to a healthy gut since it feeds our good gut bacteria. Did you know that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut? Having fiber at every meal is important for a healthy gut, thus a strong immune system. 
• Fiber helps keep us regular.

Why are healthy fats a key component of a balanced breakfast?

Healthy fats are nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and grass-fed dairy. Healthy fats are important for the following reasons.
• Fat is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream, subsequently preventing blood sugar highs and lows.
• We need it in our diet to absorb certain vitamins like A, D, E, and K. 
• Fat makes up 60% of our brain.
• Cell membranes are fat-based structures. Making sure we eat healthy fats keeps these membranes fluid and flexible, allowing cells to communicate better.

Why is protein a key component of a balanced breakfast?

Clean protein examples: pasture-raised eggs, 100% grass-fed dairy, grass-fed meats, nuts and seeds.
• Proteins are the “building blocks” that make up our bodies. Therefore, they are necessary for proper growth and development.
• Protein prevents blood sugar highs and lows.
• Protein helps to keep us satiated longer.

6 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

  1. Scrambled eggs with left-over veggies sautéed in avocado oil or grass-fed butter along with a Sweet Potato or Spinach Chocolate Chip Muffin.
  2. Avocado toast made from a favorite whole grain or gluten-free bread with a hard-boiled egg and Everything but the Bagel spice.
  3. Plain full fat, grass-fed yogurt or goat yogurt with frozen berries and low sugar granola. (We love grain-free Purely Elizabeth brand for its clean ingredients and delicious taste.) If your child is used to the fruit-sweetened yogurt, drizzle the plain yogurt with honey or cut the sweetened yogurt with the plain yogurt to help gradually reduce sugar intake.
  4. Oatmeal with protein and healthy fat. We like to add Paleo Valley collagen powder, grass fed butter, hempseed, and frozen blueberries.
  5. Smoothie Bowls. Check out our Mango Smoothie Bowl.      
  6. Sweet Potato Quiche. If you are looking to prep something over the weekend and just heat up in the morning, try our Sweet Potato Quiche.                            

Have any kid-friendly breakfast recipes to share? Follow me on instagram for more tips and tricks on raising healthy, happy eaters! Hope everyone has an amazing school year!

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